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Environment & Safety

MECSHOT is committed to providing a safe and healthful work environment for all employees. The fundamental goal of our loss prevention program is to assure each member of our organization knows and understands that their safety and health is paramount and that management will support safety and health programs throughout the agency.

To achieve this goal it is imperative that all employees actively support the efforts of our agency loss prevention program.

MecShot has developed loss prevention policies and guidelines to assist us in achieving our goal of a safe and healthful working environment for all employees. It is important that each of you know what these policies are and how they apply to your work unit.

Each employee is responsible for ensuring that they know the standards that apply and for complying with these requirements. Compliance with these standards is not voluntary, they are mandatory!

Supervisors and managers are accountable for implementation and enforcement of safety and health policies.

Our agency has also formed a loss prevention committee that consists of (seven) to monitor the effectiveness of our agency loss prevention program. This committee will keep management informed on the effectiveness by monitoring accident and injury trends, performing spot compliance checks and through employee input

Employees are encouraged to make suggestions and recommendations on how we can improve or enhance our program. Contact the agency loss prevention coordinator, or any member of the agency loss prevention committee, if you have suggestions or recommendations on how to improve safety and health in your work unit.


The employees of the Mec Shot are our most valuable asset. We are fully committed to their well-being through this safety & loss prevention policy.

  • To provide the management systems and support necessary to maintain safe and healthful working conditions for all employees;
  • To minimize accidents through proactive anticipation and prevention rather than reaction after the fact;
  • To provide training for employees to ensure safety awareness and proper work habits;
  • To comply with or exceed applicable requirements, regulations and standards imposed by mec shot, governmental authorities and agencies;
  • Require adoption of, and adherence to, all mecshot safety procedures and practices;

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