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Lean Manufacturing System

In present scenario mostly industries want to improve their process to provide the product in minimum price so for that purpose Mec Shot mainly focusing on lean manufacturing tools for improvement, and the first objective is to demonstrate all the activities systematically that could help in a better way to eliminate waste and effectively utilizing the sources. Lean manufacturing a systematic approach which is used identifying and eliminating waste through continues improvement by fluing the product at the pull of the customers it pursuit of perfection.

Mostly waste is generated by 7M (Man, machine, material, management, market, method and manual) for that we used 4 steps for implementation of lean manufacturing

  • Identifying the fact that their wastes to be removed
  • Analyzing the waste and finding the root causes for these wastes.
  • Finding the solution for these root causes
  • Application these solution and achieving the objectives

When this is achieved we go back to stage 1 and continue this loop over again for that we also used some tools and techniques to find roots of problems or way to solve it

  • Total quality management
  • Kaizen
  • 7 – QC tools
  • Statistical control
  • Total productive maintenance
  • Craft (design layout)
  • Just in time
  • Inventory analysis process
  • Bench marking

Lean manufacturing is a buzz word more often resulting in terms like benefits, cost reduction, lead time reduction by 50% at least, reduce work in progress up to 80%, floor, saving around 30% increase productivity at least 30% overall cost reduction.

Not only quantitative fill but there are and more other advantages which we finds with lean manufacturing like:

  • Good team spirit which will drive your organization to the excellence,
  • innovative culture in the organization,
  • self-driven people,
  • pleasant working conditions,
  • worker involvement and improved worker satisfaction,
  • longer machine life,
  • systematic approach to work,
  • improved flexibility,
  • environment friendly,
  • built in quality etc..

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